Appetite for Soccer


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Book Description

‘Appetite For Soccer’ and its companion workbook is an honest and revealing look at how the more ambitious youth soccer player can and should ‘own their development’, and trim a better sail for their soccer journey!  Good ideas combined with thought provoking questions, exercises and journaling!

The book is designed for players 12-16 years of age (and their parents), male & female, field players and goalkeepers alike, that have a deep desire to progress through the competitive soccer ranks at a ‘faster-than-usual’ rate, stacking the deck in their favor to jump levels in game, make the team of their choice, and maximize their gifts and abilities. It is a resource that addresses the question, ‘What more can I be doing?’

There are things you should know as you embark on your journey to be the best soccer player and person that you can be. It's tough and competitive out there, as the margins for achievement are getting smaller. The internet has provided easy access to content for coaches (and players!) at every level, which means that training environments are getting more and more similar. Training in good environments with good coaches is not enough! So how will you separate yourself from the pack?


Note From The Author

You have been sniffing around and now here you are, having come across this title and looking into what the book is all about, and that means you are curious. That’s a good sign! Curiosity is a key factor in moving forward and getting better at…anything. I wrote this book for you!

Why should you listen to me, or even take and use my advice? Well, humbly, I’ve been around the block a time or two, in unique positions to observe and work in many different roles, with many different players, coaches, personalities, and parents of such, on many different platforms. I just felt that it is time to share some of my accumulated knowledge at a time when elite youth soccer is crazy!

My goal for the book is to provide you with a bit more clarity about the youth soccer landscape and how you fit into it, and also to yank you out of whatever gear you’re in, and for it to assist you, a decent to very good player, in taking up arms to defeat mediocrity, procrastination and indecision, and ultimately for this resource to help pull you into the future.

From my heart, the book is honest, hard and real.



“I wish you enough!”

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